Mike Malone

Executive Director

mmalone@stlcollegeprep.org • (314) 315-1393

Mike Malone received a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Studies Education from Greenville College and a Masters of Educational Leadership from Central Michigan University. He served as social studies and science teacher for 8 years before becoming the Director o Member Services and New School Development for the Missouri Charter Public School Association in 2008. 

In this position, he helped develop the association's new school development program and was given the opportunity to observe charter schools across the state and county.

Over the course of two years, Mike noted the particular successes and failures of these schools and developed a strong support network with charter school developers in both St. Louis and Kansas City. In the fall of 2009, Mike started working on the charter application for South City Prep and began to reach out to others in his network who also envisioned a school with a similar mission and who displayed specific skill sets.

Mike founded South City Prep (now St. Louis College Prep) on Feb. 8, 2010 and has served as its Executive Director ever since.