Cross country team continues to improve

St. Louis College Prep’s track team had a busy week, competing in two meets and continuing to set a variety personal records (PR).

“They are getting used to running together, which is nice,” said St. Louis College Prep Athletic Director Tim Basler. “They have been really consistent in coming to practice and are getting to really like the sport.”

He said Reggie Ross set a personal record by about a minute in Thursday’s meet at Fox High School.

“They all ran pretty well in that race,” said Basler, noting that the team did even better at Saturday’s meet at Hancock High School “That is the toughest course we have been on and two scholars set PRs. Kerryn Robinson PRed by five minutes and Colby Cole PRed by a full minute.”

Basler said the team has one more competition this Saturday, when Cole, Robinson, Ross and Ramel Adkins will compete at Parkway West.

“We are only taking our top four runners, because that is all we could put in this meet,” said Basler.

He said he was really proud of the progress the team has made this year.

“Every week they tend to be getting better, which is what you want to see,” he said. “They are finally getting to a point where running is not just miserable, but they are finding that it is making them feel good.”

He said this week he started holding morning practices with some of the team.

“I go to pick them up at 6:30 a.m and we run and they love it,” said Basler. “They are really starting to see the benefits of long-distance running.