Middle School Girls Basketball team wins first game

Middle School Boys and Girls Basketball Schedule

12/13/16  MICDS (MS)   AWAY    4:00 PM
1/5/17 PATTONVILLE MS  AWAY     4:00 PM
1/10/17  NORMANDY  AWAY     4:15 PM
1/19/17 PATTONVILLE Hgts. AWAY    4:00 PM
2/6/17  U-CITY  AWAY     4:00 PM
2/7/17  CONFLUENCE  AWAY    5:00 PM

St. Louis College Prep’s Middle School Girls Basketball team started off their season right this week, picking up a 16-15 win against Mary Institute and St. Louis Country Day School (MICDS) on Monday.

“The game was a nail-biter,” said coach Richard Long. “We started off a little shaky but played some good defense in the second half. For some of the girls, it was their first game ever so they were really ready to go, but then we settled down and started scoring some baskets and it ended up coming down to the last minute.”
Long said he was very proud of girls and how far they have come in practices so far this year.
“They are learning how to play together,” he said.
“Our girls are highly motivated,” agreed Rebekah Baumann, who helps coach the team. “The girls that are there really want to play. We have a vast degree of skill levels with some girls who have played in rec leagues and some girls who have never played before in their lives. They are all trying equally hard to improve and get better which is really inspiring for us.”
She said the players are really coming together as a team and working to meet both the academic and athletic goals needed to succeed.
“I think their passion for the game is really promising for the future as we build the program up,” she said. “We have set a high standard for them and they are really rising to the occasion.”
The team will play a total of 10 games this season, but their next game is not scheduled until Jan. 5.
“That is good, because we need the practice time,” said Long. “We need to focus on confidence first and foremost. They went into this week’s game doubting themselves and that is not the way to start. We are also going to be working on defense and rebounding and getting that chemistry together.”
Baumann said the team, which is technically a club, has worked to make sure they have additional practice time.
“We had two practices a week during club time, but some of the girls expressed a high interest in practicing afterschool as well,” she said. “They kind of advocated for themselves and since the high school girls team did not make we were able to take their spot in the gym. Now some of the girls can practice four times a week if they so choose.”
She added that she hopes enough of the current eighth graders would continue to play next year so the school can have a JV high school team.
“That is the goal,” she said.
The current middle school team consists of Jada Bams, Journey Brinkley, Belicia Funches, Reinna Granger, Che'Kyra Greenlee,  Nyla Guthrie,  Artia Irons,  Laila Jones, Andrea Jordan, Telyse Miller, Tasheala Scott, Destiny Stewart, Bethany Waugh, Kendra Williams, and Jade Willis.