Seventh graders visiting museums next week

The entire 7th-grade class will have a chance to tour both the Missouri History Museum and the St. Louis Art Museum next Wednesday as part of an educational field trip intended to reinforce material being studied during Cycle 4.

"Right now we are reading Akata Witch which takes place in Nigeria," said Kate Leenarts. "So we will be taking them to the art museum which has a really great first-floor African display. The kids will be looking at some of the masks and different tribal artifacts to give us additional background knowledge for the book.

"The history museum currently has an exhibit about the civil rights movement here in St. Louis, and that has been an on going topic all year in both social studies and ELA as well as in some of our service learning projects," sad Leenarts.

She said the scholars would each have a clipboard with some guiding questions and activities for each of the exhibits.

"I am hoping the art museum will be more like a scavenger hunt where they are finding different pieces," she explained. "The civil rights exhibit will be more about big guiding questions for the scholar to consider as the read and watch the displays. Then we will hopefully do some sort of group discussion about it when we get back."