Scholars get off campus to focus on future

St. Louis College Prep high school freshmen and sophomores had a chance to get out into the greater St. Louis area Wednesday to both celebrate a successful first couple of days of school and to get a vision of what their future could hold.

The excursions off campus started with a sophomore morning visit to Washington University where scholars got a chance to see what they are working toward.

“We feel that it is very important for our scholars to go to a college campus in the first week of school,” said St. Louis College Prep Principal Lauren Fleischer. “We preach that scholars should be going to and through college, but, more importantly, we want to expose them to what college is – the lifestyle and the atmosphere. The academics are a huge part of it, but it is also about the experience.”

Fleischer said the visit to Washington University was just one of many college visits the school’s scholars will be making this year.

“Washington University is just around the corner, but we want them to be going to all of the colleges in this area,” she said. “We want our scholars to see that while St. Louis might be a small area, they have lots of different colleges and universities that they could be a part of.”

Freshmen at St. Louis College Prep also got a chance to get out of the classroom Wednesday, walking a couple of block to scenic Lafayette Park for a variety of fun team building exercises including football, tug of war and kickball.

“We call it a field day, but it is really about getting the scholars comfortable with each other,” said Fleischer. “We hope that these scholars will be together for the next four years and we want them to get a chance to start off working together and encouraging and celebrating each other.

“These scholars have been together for the past three days going through orientation and learning what St. Louis College Prep is all about,” she added. “It is important to celebrate that they have made it through those three days together and now they are ready to start their high school experience together.”

After a fun afternoon of outdoor games, the scholars focused on another key value at St. Louis College Prep – responsibility.

Before returning to the school, the scholars took time to make sure they had picked up any litter they may have left in the park, leaving it in better shape than when they visited.