Washington University students help St. Louis College Prep

Washington University interns Claire Savage and Leah Bahmbri have spent the past 10 weeks serving at St. Louis College Prep.

10-week internship provides insight into education, entrepreneurship

Since walking through the doors of St. Louis College Prep 10 weeks ago, Washington University interns Claire Savage and Leah Bahmbri have organized books, managed newsletters, helped process incoming students and  a little bit of everything in between.

“It was a great combination of learning about business, but also doing something where you know you are doing good,” said Bahmbri. “Having that combination is really cool. Learning the business side is important but interacting with the kids was also really great.”

The pair of interns started working at the school on June 6, serving four days at the school each week and vising a different entrepreneurial enterprise each Friday.

“We got to see a lot of St. Louis,” said rising junior Bahmbri. “I learned so much about startups and entrepreneurial innovation. It is something you do not learn without exploring.”

Savage, who will be entering her senior year when college starts on Aug. 29, said working at St. Louis College Prep was a very different experience than previous internships she has been involved in.

“There was more independence here in the sense that we were able to figure out our own direction in solving problems,” she said. “That was nice.  I really liked working in this space. I was much more isolated last summer. The people here are younger and definitely more willing to talk to me and to get to know me and that is really nice. I just really like how close everyone here is. They are all really invested in the end goal of serving the students.”

Both interns said they really enjoyed working in the school library, helping scholars pick out books and providing some organization to the new facility.

“I also did the weekly newsletters during the summer,” said Savage. “I had the opportunity to interviews the kids about their science fair and that was really fun. They were really happy to talk about it and were very excited. I also really liked working with the website layout. That was a lot of fun.”

“I really liked chatting with the kids,” agreed Bahmbri. “Thy are so funny and really cracked me up.”

Most recently the two have tag-teamed an effort to make sure all incoming students have the all of the records required to attend school.

“We have gotten to know all of these kids by name, but we will be leaving before the kids get back,” said Bahmbri. “It is a little sad, but we will definitely come back.”

Bahmbri is studying finance and entrepreneurship with a minor in French.

Savage is double majoring in Spanish and international business.

Both students agreed that the Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship internship program had been a big help on their path to success.

“I now know about a number of things that are opportunities post-graduation next year,” said Savage.

Both Savage and Bahmbri plan to spend the next couple of weeks with their families resting and relaxing before returning to college.

About St. Louis College Prep

St. Louis College Prep believes a child’s access to a great education should not be determined by zip code. St. Louis College Prep was originally established as South City Preparatory Academy in August 2011 as a college prep charter school dedicated to preparing the children of St. Louis City for college by providing a rigorous education, developing character and emphasizing service within the surrounding community.

Today the school serves over 300 students from throughout the St. Louis City area, providing a sixth through tenth grade education with a focus on preparing scholars for college success. The year-round school provides free education and transportation for all scholars and is working on developing a dual-enrollment program with area colleges as it adds eleventh and twelfth grade classes over the next two years. Current scholars, many of whom come from tough socio-economic backgrounds, achieve at least 1.5 years worth of academic achievement each year.

About the Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summer Entrepreneurial Internship Program

This paid, 10-week summer program offers undergraduate students the opportunity to experience entrepreneurship in a real-world setting and connect to the community of startups and support organizations in St. Louis. The Skandalaris summer internship program is an intensive introduction to St. Louis, to the world of startups, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Ideal candidates for the program are students with an entrepreneurial mindset, flexibility, motivation, and passion for innovation.