January 7, 2016

LAFAYETTE SQUARESouth City Prep is taking on a new look.

Effective immediately, South City Preparatory Academy will be re-named St. Louis College Prep. The change acknowledges the school's reach to well beyond the South City region, to the entirety of St. Louis City and its residents.

Since its inception in 2011, our school and its staff has been devoted to creating a rigorous and challenging academic environment for each of its students, providing them an opportunity to pursue their academic aspirations to through college. Our students gain up to 1.5 years of academic growth for every year they are in our classrooms.

This level of growth is only possible through the tireless efforts of a staff and board of directors that have created a year-round academic calendar with an extended school day to best serve the students in our community.

Our school's belief is that every student is entitled to a quality education, regardless of zip code. 

South City was viewed as a great place begin this purpose and vision, but now we are impacting all of St. Louis. Our enrollment includes students from all neighborhoods within the city, and we our proud of our school's growth not only in number, but in our reach to a larger community. 

South City Prep was a great place to start, but now we are St. Louis College Prep.