Weseloh retiring from SCP board

After over seven years of service to the school, St. Louis College Prep Board of Directors President Pete Weseloh is retiring from the board.

Weseloh said he was stepping down from his leadership role because he had served the full seven years allowed by the board's self-imposed term limits.

Weseloh has been with the school since its inception, first joining the Board of Directors as part of its Finance Committee, before quickly being asked to serve as its president.

“Over seven years ago, Mike Malone told me about this vision he had for a school that would provide great education opportunities for kids who did not have the options and choices that many other kids do,” said Weseloh. “I was excited about the vision of the school, so I agreed to join him on that journey and have been around ever since.”

He said the board went through several presidents during its first two years.

“Then at one of the only four or five meetings I have missed in seven years, they voted me in as interim board chair,” Weseloh remembers. “That was supposed to be for one month and it turned into four and half years.”

In that time, he has seen the school grow, change its name from South City Prep Academy to St. Louis College Prep, and move to a new building.

“I am really impressed with the new building and the new leadership structure,” he said, noting that he felt very positive about the future of the school as he left the board. “The people in place are doing a great job of working together and bringing about the vision we had dreamed about.”

He said he was also very optimistic about the future of the school’s Board of Directors.

“I am excited about the people who have been brought to the table in the last couple of years,” he said. “They have the experience and connections that will take the school into a successful future.”

Although he will no longer be on the Board of Directors, Weseloh said he still plans to be involved with St. Louis College Prep.

“Mike is a great friend, and I am friends with a number of staff members,” he said. “I plan to still serve on the Finance Committee in a non-board member role.”

Weseloh added that his time serving the school has had a lasting impact in his life.

“Growing up I had privilege all around me,” he said. “This really helped open my eyes to the reality that so many kids in our city don’t get the same chances and opportunities. Seeing that up close and personal has been a very formative and influencing experience for me. Some of our scholars are facing challenges that are greater than any I ever faced and they are fighting their hardest. I am confident that they will be some of the movers and influencers in our city as they grow older.”

He said he hoped that the school and other organizations in the city would continue to fight to provide those opportunities.

“With all of the tensions that have surfaced in recent years that have been there for generations, I can’t see any solution going forward that does not involve a significant investment in the education of our youth,” Weseloh said. “I hope the board will continue to work with Mike to clarify the vision and encourage him to empower his leaders to do the work they get excited about. We want to make decisions that are in the best interests of kids.”

Weseloh said he is looking forward to having more time to share with his family and focus on his business,  Big Town Sports & Entertainment LLC, a St Louis based company which specializes in ticket resale and sports memorabilia. 

Weseloh started this company from the ground up as a home based small business and it has grown to now employee a team of seven people and generates over $5 million in annual sales. 

His experience as an entrepreneur, a leader in a complex/growing organization and financial skills has provided the school with strong leadership over the past seven years. 

Weseloh and his wife Melissa have two young children, Ethan and Eloise, and live in the Shaw neighborhood.

Current Board Treasurer Steve Singer will take over as board president in January.