St. Louis College Prep offers a variety of sports programs and activities each year including cross-country, boys and girls basketball, volleyball and track and field. 



Coach: Kate Leenerts Email: Phone: (217) 506-1116

The St. Louis College Prep Cheerleading team participates in a cheer camp during the month of September to learn all of our material for the year. We meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for practices and cheer at all Varsity boys basketball games (this includes away games, but not tournaments). Cheerleaders do mostly floor cheers and sidelines, but we have began to learn the some stunts with the help of outside college and professional cheerleaders! 

Auditions take place in early September, SCP's Basketball season takes place from November through February. Students are encouraged and welcome to audition for the SCP cheer team during the audition held at the beginning of each school year. The audition process involves learning a cheer, dance, and stomp routine. Cheerleaders review the code of conduct and cheerleading manual, get a teacher recommendation, and audition in front of a panel of judges with a wide-range of cheerleading experience


Cross Country

Dream of being speedy? Think you're fast? Join Cross Country to build your skills and show off what you've got. We will run twice a week and work up to running a 3.1 mile race outside. We will warm up together, run, and then stretch to cool down each practice The team will also race in 2 or 3 meets during the fall. You will get to race against students from other schools.

Chess Club

Come learn and develop your skills in the classic game of chess. Chess is a two player strategy board game played by millions worldwide since before the 7th century! Whether you are new to the game or you know how to play, you will be able to learn new skills that will help you defeat your opponent. During our club meeting time, we will work on learning useful strategies and moves that you can then put in to practice while you play against other members in the club. In the fall, we will have the opportunity to play students from other schools in monthly tournaments.
Club Sponsor: Shannon Thomas – Science - • (309) 219.3490