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St. Louis College Prep Takes on Mission St. Louis!

Join our team! This Friday, March 2nd, Round One of Brackets for Good begins.

We need your support to beat Mission: St. Louis and continue on to the next round!

The team with the most points by Friday, March 9 at 8 PM moves on to the next round of Brackets for Good and will compete against another non-profit or school. 

About Brackets For Good


Every March, Brackets For Good hosts a single-elimination, bracket-style fundraising tournaments across the country that raise much-needed funds and awareness for nonprofit organizations of all sizes.

The six-round tournament takes place over five weeks beginning on the first Friday in March, with each of the first four rounds lasting a full week and the semifinal and championship round each lasting three days.


Why Should You Donate to St. Louis College Prep?

St. Louis College Prep prepares students to get to and through college.

For some students sports can be an avenue to help them prepare for college success. Sports at St Louis college prep have importance for two reasons. The first is that they teach students values such as: teamwork, leadership, responsibility, dedication, self confidence, humility, and respect.

The second is that there is a strong correlation between physical activity and academic performance.  Numerous studies have studied the correlation between physical exercise and increased academic performance and achievement.

To put it simply, participation in sports can increase the chances of a child being successful in college.

Help us expand our sports program so that more students can participate in sports and physical activity at SCP by donating to our campaign with Brackets for Good.