St. Louis College Prep’s daily schedule consists of seven 50-minute academic periods. Students will have at least 100 minutes per day dedicated to both communication arts and math. Students also receive one period of science and social studies with a non-fiction literacy emphasis, and one “specials” block of physical education, Spanish, and music classes. Students will also have both AM and PM advisory periods where homework, enrichment, character education, and community service will take place. 

Q: What’s a day in the life of a high-schooler here at SCP?

Latyia: For me, I’m waking up around 7:40am. On weekdays, I have my school routine where I brush my teeth and face first. I wake up my baby sister and get her ready for school at 8. We put on our uniforms and walk to the bus stop together. After we get on the bus, I listen to my music. Once I get to school, I’m in grind mode. I don’t grab breakfast, but it’s there if I want some.

First, I go to advisory. I’ve been in the “SLU advisory” for all of high-school. I greet Ms. Wiedemann and hug my friends.

I hit first period-- English IV. First things first, I do my “do now.” Today it consisted of me getting on Google Classroom on a chromebook and revising my final outline. Then, I spent a majority of the class revising my paper-- I already have good grades on it but I wanted to make it better. Then I hit yearbook class, consisting of me editing my captions and spreads for the “Student Life” spread and check over my older spreads to improve my grade.

Next is Senior Seminar. Right now we are applying to scholarships so I’ve been looking them up to see what I’m eligible for and what I can apply for. I’ve been also checking feedback from colleges that I’ve applied for.

Next I have Creative Writing and Public Speaking at UMSL. Rashaun takes us and gets a stipend for transportation. I make it there around noon and I have to regroup-- I’m usually tired by this point but I stay motivated. I go to Creative Writing first, and then Public Speaking is my favorite class. I get to talk to college kids and socialize. We laugh with our professor. After class, Rashaun takes us back to SCP and then I take the bus home with my little sister, who is in middle school.

I do homework at night. I start with my SCP homework, which is usually reading for English IV and editing my yearbook spread, revising my captions. Then, catching up on Senior Seminar if I need to. Then I switch over to my college homework and do writing exercises, then working on my speech outlines and practicing them. Then I’m finished and have my “me time.”

Q: What’s a day in the life of a middle-schooler here at SCP?

Mark: When I wake up, my mom is usually already at work, but she leaves me a note. I read the note, get dressed, make my bed, eat breakfast, and wake my dad up. By 7, we’ve left and I head to the bus station to make the metro-bus to the civic center. I walk to school from there.

I get here and talk to my friends in advisory. When the bell rings, I go to psychology with Mrs. Wiedemann. I’m in middle school but my  first two classes are high-school classes. I like to challenge myself with the work. I do have Algebra Lab as well to help with my high-school algebra class. I’ve been doing retakes in there to try to get on honor roll this cycle.

At lunch, I talk to my friends. In study hall, I read my book and take quizzes to get A.R. points. We have two class periods of ELA with Ms. Meredith.

I get picked up after school and go to work with my mom and dad. They do commercial cleaning in the evenings. We get home around 7 so I eat dinner and tell them about my day. My mom always really wants to know about the mock trials in ELA. Then I get to play with my dog, shower and read or watch TV until I fall asleep.


On Friday’s, SCP scholars only come to school for half of the day. An adjusted schedule with only half the  class periods allows for an extended morning advisory. Scholars use this time to finish breakfast and retake assessments to align with standards-based-grading practices. After completing their class schedule, they report back to their advisory rooms to wrap up their day with lunch before dismissal.


St. Louis College Prep’s academic calendar is year-round. This means that our year is organized on a five-cycle schedule starting in August and ending in July. While this means a shorter summer break, we do have extended breaks between each of the five cycles. Year-round education combats the “summer-learning loss” that many students face in a traditional summer-break setting.